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Ohio Veterans News

The following links are provided courtesy of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services (ODVS) and provide information from national sources.

Apr 04, Stars and Stripes, Lawmakers to Navy: Keep selling cigarettes:

Apr 03,, GOP Lawmakers Slam Veterans Affairs, Eye Overhaul After Ft. Hood Shooting:

Apr 04,, Navy Unlikely to Reach 300-Ship Fleet by 2020:

Apr 03, USA Today, Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez had mental problems, saw no combat in Iraq:

Apr 02, Washington Post, Wanted Heroes:

Apr 02, Washington Post, Report: Veterans’ caregivers sacrifice much but have little support:

Apr 01, Plain Dealer, Navy christens research ship Neil Armstrong:

April 03, Plain Dealer, Ohio Attorney General gives grant to Valor Home in Lorain:

Apr 01,, Veteran ID Cards available – Clinton County

Apr 04, Plain Dealer, John Smeets served in Dutch underground during World War II:

Apr 03, Plain Dealer, Afghan, Iraq war interpreters find new home in Cleveland:

Apr 02,, Army veteran restoring soldier memorial stolen from Youngstown:

Mar 26, Dayton Daily News, Boehner: VA is ‘failing our veterans’

Mar 31, Akron Beacon Journal, Russia pulls back a battalion from Ukraine border:

Mar 31,, North, South Korea trade artillery rounds into the sea: Seoul:

Mar 30, LA Times, U.S., Russia diplomats agree to work with Ukraine to solve crisis:,0,7364210.story#ixzz2xZ64Uoln

March 31,, Major Submarine Accidents Are Isolated But Costly:

Mar 31, Plain Dealer, University of Akron plans an American Legion post on campus:

Mar 30, Herald Star, Vietnam veterans honored at fort:

Mar 31, Mansfield New Journal, A Veteran's Story: She helped build fighter planes:

Mar 30, Akron Beacon Journal, More Vietnam vets are getting assistance for PTSD:

Mar 29,, Police In Ohio Track Down Identity Of Broken Tombstone:

Mar 28, Fox News, Russian troops said to be hiding positions, creating supply lines near Ukraine border:

Mar 28,, Obama urges Russia to move its troops away from Ukrainian border:

Mar 25, NY Times, North Korea Launches Two Midrange Missiles:

Mar 27, Akron Beacon Journal, Commanders fired in nuke missile cheating scandal:

Mar 27,, Air Force F-35 takes first night flight:

Mar 27, Akron Beacon Journal, Senators urge end of deal to buy Russian choppers:

Mar 28, Plain Dealer, Verizon Wireless announces 250 Ohio positions available:

Mar 28, Van Wert Independent, World War II vets sought for last Honor Flight NW trips:

Mar 28, Coshocton Tribune, 6K run to benefit shelter for homeless vets:

Mar 26,, Veteran shares success of special court:

Mar 28, Akron Beacon Journal, Jeremiah Denton, Vietnam POW and ex-senator, dies:

Mar 22, The Republic, Ohio military, overseas absentee ballots go out ahead of May 6 primary election:

May 21,, Governor talks jobs, veterans at WSU:

Mar 25, Dayton Daily News, Ukraine orders troop pullout from Crimea:

Mar 23, Dayton Daily News, Turkish jet downs Syrian warplane near border:

Mar 21,, Crimea goes east, Ukraine goes west in 2 new deals:

Mar 26, Military Times, 24-hour gyms for every Air Force base, other services taking a wait-and-see approach:

Mar 26, the guardian, US navy searches for answers in shooting death of sailor at Norfolk base:

Mar 25, Military Times, Some vets won't have to report income for VA care:

Mar 25,, Army Head to Decide Rank of Disgraced General:

Mar 20, Dayton Daily News, Naval Academy midshipman not guilty in sex assault:

Mar 25, Plain Dealer, Service academy seminars scheduled across Ohio:

Mar 25, Columbus CEO, Verizon planning to hire about 200 in central Ohio:

Mar 24, Dayton Daily News, Report estimates half of vets on GI Bill graduate:

Mar 24, Plain Dealer, Tri-C offers free financial guidance for military families and vets:

Mar 24, Plain Dealer, Vietnam Veterans Day commemoration March 29 in Garfield Heights

Mar 25,, Dogs 4 Warriors helps veterans suffering with PTSD:

Mar 25, Youngstown Vindicator, Church center's van takes vets to docs, grocery, appointments:

Mar 25,, Masury man sentenced for theft of veteran's memorial:

Mar 20, Washington Post, Russian parliament moves to ratify Crimea takeover; Obama announces new sanctions:

Mar 20, Daily Record, Giving Ohio veterans a break on property taxes:

Mar 20, LA Times, Advanced U.S. aircraft combs Indian Ocean for Malaysia Airlines jet:,0,209255.story#ixzz2wczvpMuP

Mar 20, Dayton Business Journal, Lockheed Martin wins more F-35 work:

Mar 20, Dayton Daily News, Veteran unemployment rate drops to 9 percent:

Mar 19, Navy Times, Corpsman earns Silver Star for actions in Afghanistan:

Mar 19, UT-SanDiego, Children of wounded 'hidden casualties' of war:

Mar 19, CB S Evening News, Starbucks CEO announces $30 million gift for U.S. troops:

Mar 19, Dayton Daily News, Vets could get college credit for service:

Mar 20, Sidney Post, Marine Visits Sidney Middle School:

Mar 17, Daily News, Movement grows to honor fearless Irish immigrant killed while Marine in Vietnam War:

Mar 18, USA Today, House asks VA for presumptive conditions for Gulf War vets:

Mar 18, NY Times, Medals of Honor Go to 24 Army Veterans Who Had Been Denied:

Mar 18, Akron Beacon Journal, Naval Academy sexual assault case begins:

Mar 19, Columbus Dispatch, Women in uniform see progress:

Mar 19, Dayton Business Journal, Dayton company lands $45M military deal:

Mar 19, Plain Dealer, Jon Reiss takes helm of the Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission:

Mar 19, Youngstown Vindicator, Veterans service agency has 1st female director:

Mar 19, Mansfield News Journal, VA clinic gears up for big opening:

Mar 19, Plain Dealer, Mentor family discovered unknown drawings of World War II:

Mar 18, Twinsburg Bulletin, Ohioan treks Appalachian Trail with other veterans:

Mar 17, Columbus Dispatch, Accept a good compromise. By teaming with Ohio Lottery on gambling, vets can avoid problems:

Mar 17, Washington Post, Navy SEALs board mystery tanker Morning Glory near Cyprus:

Mar 14, Washington Post, Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair agrees to plea deal in sexual assault case:

Mar 17, Plain Dealer, Military women talk about their experiences in Columbus:

Mar 17,, Columbiana County offers free veteran photo ID cards:

Mar 17, Mansfield News Journal, Festival to boost Wounded Warrior Project:

Mar 16, Dayton Daily News, Job fair offers help for veterans, ex-offenders":

Mar 17, Mansfield News Journal, A Veteran's Story: She served in World War II:

Mar 15, Dayton Daily News, Long war took toll on local families:

Mar 13, National Journal, Congress Wants to Shield Veterans From Another Government Shutdown:

Mar 12, Washington Post, Hearings to focus on future Veterans Affairs budget:

Mar 10, Washington Post, Senate easily passes McCaskill's military sexual assault bill:

State Veterans Policy and Government News

Mar 11, Plain Dealer, Gov. John Kasich's mid-biennium review looks to help veterans enter college, find jobs:

Mar 14,, Military fugitive arrested in South Florida:

Mar 13, The Hill, Commander: US needs 102 days for full Afghan drawdown:

Mar 13, Dayton Business Journal, Boeing to streamline its military aircraft division:

Mar 10, Dayton Daily News, Wright-Patt center to avoid furloughs in 2014:

Mar 10, NY Times, Faulting Army, Judge Puts Off Assault Case:

Mar 13, Toledo Blade, Honor Flight to disband locally after 4 more D.C. trips:

Mar 12, Toledo Blade, Ohio Supreme Court considers veteran's sentence:

Mar 12,, Richland County Recorder Offering Veteran ID Cards:

Mar 12, Tribune Today, County looks for new building for Veterans Services:

Mar 12, Star Beacon, Veterans clinic to be built in Ashtabula this spring:

Mar 14, Plain Dealer, Colleen Urban, Air Force mom on deployment, her husband, too:

Mar 12, Plain Dealer, Euclid's Desmond Johnson finds more rewards in Navy than Sailor of the Year:

Mar 12,, Ohio Bill Targets ID Theft Crimes Against Military Families:

Mar 11, Daily Record, Veterans protest purchase of gaming, lottery machines:

Mar 10, Toledo Blade, Despite opposition from 20 veterans groups, Ohio gambling machine expansion approved:

Mar 12,, Tumult over military sexual assaults far from over:

Mar 11, Plain Dealer, U.S. military aids search for missing Malaysian airliner:

Mar 11, Military Times, Ohio Air Force base addresses sexual assaults:

Mar 11,, Women Veterans Tell their Stories of Service in Today's Military:

Mar 11,, Trumbull Commissioners to build new home for Veterans Service Commission:

Mar 12, Plain Dealer, Tuskegee Airman Clarence C. Jamison dies at 96:

Mar 12, Youngstown Vindicator, Local World War II veteran to appear in episode of documentary series:

Mar 11,, First-of-its-kind clinic 'saved my marriage,' Iraq veteran says:

Mar 10, Plain Dealer, Amelia Earhart featured in International Women's Air and Space Museum program:

Mar 07, Plain Dealer, Zac Lewis honors bond of combat at screening of film about platoon member wounded in Afghanistan:

Mar 05, Plain Dealer, Director Tim Gorrell ranks jobs as top priority of Ohio Department of Veterans Services:

Mar 05, Dayton Business Journal, U.S. Air Force cuts to hit sooner than ordered:

Mar 05, NY Times, U.S. Takes Training Role in Africa as Threats Grow and Budgets Shrink:

Mar 04, Port Clinton News Herald, Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Dept. hosts fundraiser for Honor Flight:

Mar 04, Dayton Business Journal, Beavercreek firm snares $11M deal for Air Force lab work:

Mar 04, LA Times, Judge refuses to dismiss sexual assault charges against general:,0,619438.story#ixzz2v7QREStV

Mar 04, Army Times, Slight increase proposed in VA budget:

Mar 04,, Military cuts put JSMC in ‘tenuous’ position:

Mar 04, Washington Post, The last casualties: As a long war ends, risks still prove real:

Mar 04, Dayton Business Journal, Defense contract awards hit lowest level in nearly 2 years:

Mar 04, NBC News, PTSD Before It Had a Name: Vietnam Vets Sue U.S. Military:

Mar 04, Forbes, How War Has Prepared Today's Veterans for Startups and Small Businesses:

Mar 03, Washington Post, Suicidal Tendencies Are Evident Before Deployment, Study Finds:

Mar 03, Salem News Net, Veteran Career Assistance Program is Thursday:

Mar 03, Dayton Daily News, Project to fix Wright-Patterson Air Force Base rush hour traffic tie-ups ready for funding:

Mar 03, LA Times, Nearly 1 in 5 had mental illness before enlisting in Army, study says:,0,3410236.story#ixzz2v7NFCXpE

Mar 03, Washington Post, General’s court-martial could shape the future of military justice system:

Mar 03, Plain Dealer, Painesville soldier killed in Korean War finally back home for burial:
Mar 03, Mansfield News Journal, A Veteran's Story: He's a 'born joiner':
Mar 03, Tribune Today, Troop movement signals start of campaign - This week in Civil War history:
Mar 02,, National Guard Troops Return Home:
Feb 28, Plain Dealer, Ohio tax tips for veterans and military service members:
Feb 28, Dayton Daily News, Board accepts Veterans Service Director’s immediate retirement:
Feb 28, Youngstown Vindicator, Youngstown air base to lose 773rd squadron:
Feb 28, Plain Dealer, OSU Law College offers free legal help for central Ohio veterans:
Feb 28, Herald Star, Vets services money OK’d by county:
Feb 28, Sandusky Register, Police: OVH aide stole from veteran:
Feb 28, Plain Dealer, Family military tradition put Duane Evans Jr. on path to Iraq:
Feb 28,, Veterans tour veterans corridor at SOCF:
Feb 28, Star Beacon, Legislators introduce bill to name Route 20 after WWI vets:
Feb 27,, Local veteran surprised with a house full of all new furniture from Kronheim's:
Feb 26, Toledo Blade, Air National Guard gets local leader:
Feb 26, Dayton Business Journal, Veteran-owned tech businesses to open in local Walmarts:
Feb 25, Dayton Daily News, County veterans director to retire:
Feb 25,, Workshop provides financial education to veterans:
Feb 25, Northeast Ohio, Battle over slots at veterans' halls continues to pinch Attorney General Mike DeWine:
Feb 25, NY Times, Trust Eroded, Obama Looks Beyond Karzai:
Feb 24, Springfield News Sun, Quadcopter drone pending approval to fly at Springfield, Wilmington airports:
Feb 21, Army Times, White House: 24 soldiers to receive the Medal of Honor:

Feb 25, USA Today, Soldiers survive combat, then lose their jobs:
Feb 24, Plain Dealer, Veterans Resource Fair offers job, education opportunities and more:
Feb 24, Washington Post,  Pentagon blueprint would cut Army size as military adjusts to leaner budgets:
Feb 24, The Blade, Ohio Guard flying?night training missions:
Feb 21, Mansfield News Journal, Military dad surprises son at Ohio elementary school:
Feb 20, Dayton Business Journal, Pentagon seeking more funds for cyber spending:
Feb 20, The Blade, Lucas County burial corps honors comrades:
Feb 20, 19ActionNews, Montague pleads guilty to corruption charges:
Feb 19, Stars and Stripes, Veterans could have Social Security disability benefits expedited:
Feb 19, Wall Street Journal, Study Warns on Afghan Troop Cuts:

Feb 18, Columbus Dispatch, History program highlights black military veterans:

Feb 17, Morning Journal, Valor Home receives donation from Italian-American Veterans Post 1 Auxiliary:

Feb 17, Toledo Blade, Veterans to get financial skills training at UT:

Feb 16,, Obama signs debt ceiling, military pension bills:

Feb 15, NYDaily News, Cleveland disabled vet victim of savage beat down, teen gang calls him ‘white boy’:

Feb 12, Akron Beacon Journal, Congress clears bill ending military pension cuts:

Feb 14, Plain Dealer, Veterans share stories at Black History Month panel discussion:

Feb 14, The Sidney Post, Shelby County Veterans Service Office Gets it Done:

Feb 14,, Vets Upset COLA Reduction Remains for New Troops:

Feb 14,, Military nears holy grail: Pizza that lasts years:

Feb 14, The Sidney Post, To Forget the Battle, Return to the Field:

Feb 13, Plain Dealer, Space shuttle exhibit to open at Air Force Museum in Dayton:

Feb 13, Columbus Dispatch, Home Depot to hire 600 seasonal workers in central Ohio:

Feb 13, Dayton Daily News, Veterans Service officer looks out for those who served:

Feb 13, Plain Dealer, Ohio National Guard units return Friday from Afghanistan:

Feb 13, NY Times, In Prison Release, Signs of Karzai’s Rift With U.S:

Feb 12,, The VA backlog: Can we trust the numbers?:

Feb 12, Norwalk Reflector, 32 sexual assaults reported at Ohio military base in 4-year period:

Feb 12, Morgan County Herald, Ohio Senate Honors World War II Veteran for a Lifetime of Service:.

Feb 12, Dayton Business Journal, Latest scoop on changing landscape of Air Force construction:

Feb 12, USA Today, Western militaries risk losing access to key materials:

Feb 11, Plain Dealer, Two Ohioans get scholarships from VFW and Sport Clips:

Feb 11, Plain Dealer, Joint Veterans Commission will honor attorney Joseph Meissner:

Feb 10, LA Times, Congress moves to reverse budget cuts to veterans' benefits:,0,2215546.story#ixzz2t8oph4p9

Feb 10, NY Times, U.S. Debates Drone Strike on American Terrorism Suspect in Pakistan:

Feb 08, Plain Dealer, Lima Company Memorial honoring fallen Marines on display in Ohio Statehouse Rotunda:

Feb 04, Toledo Blade, Perrysburg a 'Purple Heart City':

Feb 10, Marion Star, Ohio State gets funding for veterans scholarships:

Feb 10, Gateway News, North Korea rescinds invitation to US envoy:

Feb 10, Washington Post, Construction industry pledges to hire 100,000 veterans:

Feb 10, Tribune Today, Identification helps vets:

Feb 09, Akron Beacon Journal, Documents reveal chaotic military sex-abuse record:

Feb 08, Marine Times, EOD Marine is first to receive revolutionary prosthetic implant:

Feb 08, News Sentinel, Suspect in northwest Ohio family killing was disabled veteran:

Feb 08, Columbus Dispatch, Air Force veteran advocated for Driving Park:

Feb 07, Akron Beacon Journal, Jewell Cardwell: World War II veteran graduates after seven-decade break in studies:

Feb 07, Army Times, Jobless rate for recent vets increased in January:

Feb 07,, Hagel Will Name Military Ethics Czar:

Feb 06,, At last, suicides among military family members could be tracked:

Feb 07, Plain Dealer, Veteran remembers the trench warfare and beer baseball of Korean War:

Feb 07, Plain Dealer, Air Force contractors with Northeast Ohio ties volunteer to deploy so active-duty airmen can enjoy the holidays:

Feb 07, Dayton Business Journal, Millions of dollars in new supercomputers coming to Wright-Patt:

Feb 07, Plain Dealer, Free smartphone app brings the World War II Memorial to you:

Feb 06, Washington Post, Military dog captured by Taliban fighters, who post video of their captive:

Feb 06, Dayton Daily News, Urbana’s B-17 restoration project now halfway done:

Feb 06, NY Times, Former Warlord Launches Campaign to Succeed Karzai:

Jan 30, Stars and Stripes, More than 1,800 vets' records intentionally destroyed or misfiled by 2 clerks:

Feb 05, Plain Dealer, Veterans art therapy featured in exhibition at Tri-C gallery:

Feb 05, Plain Dealer, Veterans and their families have new college comparison tool:

Feb 05, Tribune Today, Ohio man gets Purple Heart decades later:

Feb 05, Olentangy Valley News, Historian shares story of valiant 'groundhogs':

Feb 05, Dayton Business Journal, Ohio politicians downplay critics of proposed Air Force science office move:

Feb 04, Zanesville Times Recorder, Volunteer, veteran honored at State Senate for a lifetime of service:

Feb 03,, Vietnam veteran may get help with VA issue:

Feb 03, Military Times, U.S. troop morale in Afghanistan increased in 2013:

Feb 03, Army Times, Recruiting fraud, kickback scandal rocks Army:

Feb 03, Mansfield New Journal, Soldier wounded while treating others:

Feb 03, Tribune Today, Civil War history: Local men re-enlist for continued military service:

Feb 03, Columbus Dispatch, Rickenbacker makes its case to keep base vibrant:

Feb 03, LA Times, Military sniper links his string of armed robberies to PTSD:,0,4514917.story#ixzz2sHzdfuXQ

Feb 02, Marietta Times, Updated online tour of Ohio's Air Force museum:

Feb 02,, World War II veteran gets his wish to tour Vienna Air Reserve Station:

Feb 01, Tribune Today, Camp Ravenna to get review:

Feb 01,, Navy Christens Ship Named For Astronaut John Glenn:

Jan 31, Akron Beacon Journal, Camp Ravenna clears hurdle for possible missile defense site:

Jan 31, Canton Repository, Korean veterans honored for war and volunteer service:

Jan 30, Journal News, New veterans transportation contract a savings for taxpayers:

Jan 31, Plain Dealer, Veterans and service members attending college can file complaints with government agencies:

Jan 31, Columbus Dispatch, Legionnaires to honor World War II chaplains at Vets Memorial:

Jan 31, Dayton Business Journal, Wright-Patt sees some positives in Air Force report:

Jan 31, Plain Dealer, TopGun pilot from Painesville will fly in new F-35 fighters for Marines:

Jan 31, USA Today, Poll: Grim assessment of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan:

Jan 31, Columbus Dispatch, Air Force told to rely on Guard, Reserve:

Jan 31, Dayton Business Journal, Air Force eyes relocating office, 170 science jobs, to Dayton:

Jan 30, Columbus Business First, Veterans Service Commission moving out of Veterans Memorial:

Jan 30, USA Today, Military yanks leash of critical government watchdog:

Jan 30,, Youngstown man sentenced for stealing from veteran's organization:

Jan 29, Dayton Daily News, Report on structure of the Air Force due today:

Jan 29,, Wounded veterans turn to comedy to cope with their injuries in ‘Comedy Warriors’:

Jan 27, USA Today, Corporate jobs initiative meets 100,000 vet hiring goal:

Jan 29, NY Daily News, Humble hero: Army Ranger Cory Remsburg garners nation’s gratitude at State of the Union:

Jan 29, Streetsboro Gateway News, Streetsboro veterans recognized on website:

Jan 29, Dayton Business Journal, Boeing, GE, Lockheed to support Iraq helicopter deal:

Jan 29, Lancaster Eagle Gazette, Stivers nominates four area students to military academies:

Jan 28, Plain Dealer, Tuskegee Airman Thomas Austin, of East Cleveland, dies:

Jan 28, Akron Beacon Journal, Barbershop quartets to help overseas military strike right note on Valentine’s Day:

Jan 28, Plain Dealer, Coast Guard honors Westlake track star killed in 1980 Tampa Bay disaster:

Jan 27, Canton Repository, Memorial will honor Malvern's veterans:

Jan 27, Mansfield News Journal, Veteran's Story: Recalling time as 'Hawaiian Warrior':

Jan 27, Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio college gets Air Force grant for trauma study:

Jan 27, NY Times, Afghanistan Exit Is Seen as Peril to C.I.A. Drone Mission:

Jan 27, Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio veterans unit to get $5 million renovation:

Jan 26,, Veterans' service directors struggle to catch 'double dippers':

Jan 26, Columbus Dispatch, CEO Todd Miller: Helping veterans find new careers:

Jan 26, Washington Post, Military brass, behaving badly: Files detail a spate of misconduct dogging armed forces:

Jan 24, Plain Dealer, Roland Fletcher kept planes flying in India/Burma airlift during World War II:

Jan 24, the lantern, Avalanche survivor encourages Ohio State students to adventure, engage veterans:

Jan 24, Plain Dealer, Family receives medals honoring service of Akron vet missing in action during the Korean War:

Jan 23, Dayton Business Journal, Personal info of more than 5,000 veterans exposed in software glitch:

Jan 23, LA Times, Sweeping review ordered for Pentagon's troubled nuclear force:,0,4393042.story#ixzz2rLIW8u2s

Jan 23, Dayton Business Journal, $10M project on tap at Wright-Patt:

Jan 23, Chronicle Telegram, Wellington Eagles club makes case to allow veterans groups to host video slots:

Jan 22, The News-Herald, Housing facility for veterans in Ohio expands:

Jan 21, Putnam County Sentinel, Morman reappointed to Veteran's Commission:

Jan 21,, Military planes get new missions:

Jan 21, Chillicothe Gazette, Lima Company Memorial back at Statehouse:

Jan 21, Harrison News Herald, Dogs 4 Warriors aids vets with PTSD:

Jan 21, Youngstown Vindicator, Marine veteran to get Habitat home:

Jan 19, Akron Beacon Journal, War of 1812 becomes personal for Silver Lake woman:

Jan 19, Toledo Blade, Bid protest on Air Force museum expansion denied, new building expected to open in 2016:

Jan 17, Dayton, Daily News, Dayton cemetery named a national shrine:

Jan 17, Youngstown Business Journal, AT&T Looks to Hire 300 More Veterans in Ohio:

Jan 16, Plain Dealer, Ohio National Guard responds to West Virginia chemical spill:

Jan 16,, Auto auction drives to benefit veterans:

Jan16, Akron Beacon Journal, Back to Benghazi”:

Jan 16,, Closing arguments wrap up in veteran malpractice suit:

Jan 16, Webster post, Sergeant Veomett takes first place at culinary cook-off:

Jan 15, Plain Dealer Bells of St. Stephen ring out Cleveland veterans' stories from notorious to noteworthy:

Jan 15, Marietta Times, Plans on track for reserve center project:

Jan 14,, Veterans family suing their late sons doctors for wrongful death and medical malpractice:

~~Jan 15, Military Times, Five female vets get reprieve on home foreclosure:

Jan 15, Youngstown Vindicator, Camp Ravenna training center expected to get federal funds for expansion:

Jan 15, Columbus Dispatch, Jobless-benefits plans stall in U.S. Senate:

Jan 15,, Marines probing validity of online Iraq war photos:

Jan 14,, Guard Association Hits Army Chief Over Remarks:

Jan 14, Plain Dealer, Vietnam a lifelong interest for Veteran of the Year Joseph Meissner:

Jan 14,, US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,164:

Jan 14,, Stateside Tricare Service Centers Closing April 1:

Jan 14, Chillicothe Gazette, Minney advocating for blind veterans:

Jan 14, Journal News, Ex-employee threatens bullying suit against Butler County agency: