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Financial Assistance

Title 59, Ohio Revised Code, requires each County Veterans Service Commission to establish and administer a financial assistance program.  As such, each county develops its own policies and guidelines regarding financial assistance and is NOT bound by the policies of any other county.

In Seneca County, you may be eligible for assistance in the following areas:

            Rent or Mortgage Payments

            • Utility Payments (excluding cable TV, and telephone)

            • Food Assistance

The Commission has developed a set of guidelines that is applied to every eligible applicant.  It is applied across the board, and exceptions to policy are made ONLY when the Commission determines that the individual situation warrants such an exception.

This program is one of temporary, emergency financial assistance.  It is not a long term assistance program and it is not a subsidy program.  Assistance will normally not be provided for more than four (4) months unless there is a compelling reason to do so.  Applicants who are eligible for long term assistance programs administered by other agencies will be required to apply for those assistance programs.

Every applicant for financial assistance is required to complete a formal application and provide a complete financial disclosure for all members of his/her household.  Failure to provide all required information will result in denial of the application.

Financial assistance applications are taken on an appointment basis only.  A list of required documents and other supporting items will be provided to the applicant when the appointment is made.