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Aid and attendance is:

A monetary benefit available to wartime veterans and their widows/widowers.

            Income based, meaning it will not be granted to those with incomes over the limit set by Congress.

How does it work?

            Monthly income, including social security, pension, interest, dividends and any other recurring monthly income are computed.  Assets such as certificates of deposit, bank accounts, stock, bonds, etc are computed.  Total assets are considered by the VA when they make the decision to grant or not to grant the benefit.

            Medical expenses that are not covered by insurance are use to reduce the income total.  Allowable expenses include nursing home or assisted living facility expense, prescription drugs, medical supplies, etc.

            VA will compute income and assets.  Allowable medical expenses will then be deducted from the income total.  If the remaining income falls below the threshold set by Congress, the difference between the income and the threshold will be paid.  For example, if the income after allowable deductions is $1,000 per month, and the maximum payable benefit is $1,800 per month, the claimant will receive $800 per month.

            This is a complicated process.  Let people who do this professionally do your claim.  If your paperwork is not done right, and VA pays when they should not have, you will be in an “overpayment” situation and you will repay any money that was not due.

Aid and attendance is only one of the many veterans benefits programs that we handle.  Set up an appointment with us and we’ll go over the whole gamut of benefits – you may be eligible for something you did not even know applied to you personally.

We are county employees – your county – paid for with your tax dollars.  Everything we do for you is done at no charge, and is done professionally.  We are accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs, which means in effect, they have licensed us to do this work.  We are trained and have been tested in accordance with DVA regulations to obtain our accreditation.  Our only goal is to provide you a service, at no charge, that you have earned.  Call us at 419 447 2885 for an appointment.